RCL Branch 11
East Toronto Branch

Zone D3 Sport Schedule 2019-2020.csv

Cribbage22October 20 20198:00am - 9:00am9:15am
Euchre527November 23 20198:00am - 9:00am9:15am
Darts Mixed Doubles:22November 17 20198:00am - 9:00am9:15am
Darts Mixed Teams22November 17 201910:00am - 11:00am11:15am approx
Darts Regular Singles22November 30 20198:00am - 9:00am9:15am
Darts Regular Doubles22November 30 201910:45am - 11:15am11:45am approx
Darts Regular Teams22November 30 201912:45pm - 1:15pm1:45pm approx
Darts Senior Singles22December 14 20198:00am - 9:00am9:15am
Darts Senior Doubles22December 14 201910:45am - 11:15am11:45am approx
Darts Senior Teams22December 14 201912:45pm - 1:15pm1:45pm approx
Horseshoes Singles258June 13 20208:00am - 9:00am9:15am
Horseshoes Teams258June 13 202011:00am - 11:30am11:45am approx
Shuffleboard10November 24 20198:30am - 9:00am9:15am
Snooker10December 15 20198:00am - 9:00am9:15am
Washer Toss Singles11April 25 20208:00am - 9:00am9:15am
Washer Toss Teams11April 25 202010:30am - 11:00am11:15am approx
8-Ball527December 08 20198:30am - 9:00am9:15am

Zone 8 Ball was held at Branch 527 on December 8th and the team of Jason Prevost & Asif Somji were the overall winners and advance to District at Branch 101 on February 2nd.

Zone Senior darts was held at Branch 22 on December 14th and 4 teams (Rob Jewett, Eunice Francis, Fred & Linda Green)(Rudy Wagner, Lynn Somerton, Cindy Le Roy & Lynn Brough)(Dave Reeves, Cindy Sammut, Rick Groome & Bob Murphy)(Sandra Durham, Joan Quilty, Angie Francis & Greg Grant) advance. 6 doubles (Bob & Rick, Eunice & Rob, Cindy Le Roy & Lynn Brough, Sandra & Greg, Dave & Cindy Sammut and Angie & Joan) advance. 6 singles (Dave Fred, Cindy Sammut, Sandra, Greg & Angie) move on to District to be held at Branch 101 on January 25th. Branch 11 will be hosting this event next year.

We had 2 teams & 3 doubles playing District Mixed darts on January 5th at Branch 266/46 and I’m sorry to say no one moved on.

We had 3 teams playing District Euchre on January 18th at Branch 101 and the team of Nancy McKnight, Harold Timms, Cindy & Jim Le Roy were the overall winners and move on to Provincials at Branch 171 in Alliston on May 2nd. Congratulations!! This means Branch 11 will be hosting District Euchre next year.

District Snooker is at Branch 266/46 on January 26th and we have 1 team playing.

District Darts is at Branch 345 on February 8th and we have 4 teams, 4 doubles and 3 singles playing.

District Cribbage is at Branch 1/42 on February 15th and we have 3 teams playing.

District Shuffleboard is at Branch 31 on February 22nd and we have 3 teams playing.

Good luck to everyone.

Yours in comradeship

Linda Green,
Sports Chair

2019 Summer Mixed Dart League Winners

2018 Summer Mixed Dart League Winners

Summer darts League champions. Linda g Green , Alan Groome ( missing Debbie Strickland and Adam Elliott)

High Score Men (140) Jim LeRoy, Jason Prevost, Doug Berger, Tim Prevost and Jason Green. High Score Female (128) Peggy Dwyer

Playoff Champions: Greg Grant, Karen Boudreault, Anne Breen, Carol Smart and Eileen MacDonald

League Runner-ups: Jim LerRoy, Lynn Somerton (Missing: Leah McNeil and Jay Miller)

High Finish: Bill Manderson (76) and Dorothy Kennedy (97)

Playoff Runner-ups: Fred Green, Ken Irwin, Denise Wilson and Gail Burrow

Bottom of the Barrel: Bill Manderson, Joyce Haden, Peggy Dwyer and Chrystal Farmer (Missing: Gord Pearce)

Most Outs: Greg Grant (21) and Linda Green (12)


Congradulations to the 2017 Provincial Cribbage Champions from Branch 11 Eunice Francis, Lynn Somerton, Jim McKiel and David Lane ONWARDS TO WINNIPEG TO BECOME THE DOMINION CHAMPIONS FOR 2017!!!!

Jason Prevost being presented with his pin for scoring 180 in Zone D 3 Mixed Darts At Branch 22 Presenting Pin Vic Sing District D Sports Chairman and Lily Phillip Zone D 3 Sports Cairman Backgroud Paul Stone Branch 11 Sports Chairman


Branch 11 are Cribbage Champions for Zone D3. Branch 11 will host this event next year. All 5 Branch 11 teams entered move on to District. The Branch 11 team that came in First Place.From left to Right. Lilly Philips Zone D3 Sports Officer, Eunice Francis, Jim McKiel, Lynn Somerton and Dave Lane.


Royal Canadian Legion Zone D3 Euchre Champions 2016


This year’s District “D” Dart Champs from Left to Right Glen Rose, Bob Fraser, Cliff Whithey and Andrew Drummond.


Second Place also from Branch 11 from Left to Right Tim Provost, Paul Ausman, Sean Patrick and Mark Ready. The Back Row Dave Latimer our Chalker for the fina


This Year’s District “D” Mixed Dart Champs. From left to Right. Lori Clarke, Andrew Drummond, Sandra Durham, Sean Patrick and Vic Sing District “D” Sports Officer.

Congradulations to the 2017 Provincial Cribbage Champions from Branch 11

Eunice Francis, Lynn Somerton, Jim McKiel and David Lane