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Remembrance Day Contest 2015

Zone D3 Winners List

Zone D3 Winners List for Remembrance Contest 2015

District D Winners List for Remembrance Contest 2015

Legion Week 2013

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Public Speaking Contest 2013


St. Henry Catholic SchoolRemembrance Day Play
December 17th I attended at the Catholic School Board’s head office and witnessed a very moving and poignant Remembrance Day play that allows one to understand the sacrifices made by our soldiers and their loved ones back home. The cast were Grade 7 & 8 students from St. Henry Catholic School. Since their first performance November 9th, this young cast have gone into other schools to perform this play. My thanks to District D Commander, Peter Ganny, his wife Muriel, Gord Pearce, Donna Braniff and John Adams for attending with me in our Blues & Greys. Both the Board’s Directors and St. Henry’s Principal really appreciated having a visual group of Legionnaires in attendance. Zone D5 Commander and District Web Sit Coordinator, Joyce Geddes recorded the whole play. She plans to put it on the District Web Site. When that happens, I would strongly recommend you grab a coffee, sit back with some Kleenex and focus on the message these youngsters conveyed. It is my understanding that two of the students wrote the play – it is truly well worth watching!Helen D. PearceYouth Education Chair

Legion’s Recognition Award

I was asked by Jay Burford, District D Youth Education Chair along with John Holoway  Zone D3 Youth Education Chair to once again this year attend the TDSB West Heritage Fair at Old Fort York on May 2nd to judge students’ thinking skills, understanding, creativity and knowledge specifically regarding Canadian Military History. I wish you could have seen these presentations – the 4 girls were truly amazing and very impressive. The vote between the 3 of us was an instant YES there was just no doubt. It would be so nice to see something like this take place in East Toronto.

Helen D. Pearce

Youth Education Chair

Two grade 5 students from Broadacres Junior School, Julie Park and Cinthiya Sugumar re: Laura Secord and what she did to help Canada in the War of 1812 – (had nothing to do with chocolates). Two grade 7 and 8 students, Dhanyaswi Vadranam and Deborah Dada, from North Kipling School re: Battle of Vimy Ridge and the fact that this is when Canada was recognized as a Nation.

Public Speaking Contest

This is Emon Senmajumder who just happens to be11 years old. Emon attends D.A. Morrison Middle and Junior Public School. He competed in the junior category for the Public Speaking contest run by Ontario Command with his speech “Warning Signs”. Starting at Branch Level in February, moving right up to and placing at Area Level. He is holding his Area Plaque as well as an envelope containing a special gift from Branch 11 Members. His mother’s name is Chaitali Senmajumder. She is also holding an envelope containing a special gift from Branch 11 Members as a thank you for supporting the Legion’s Public Speaking contest for our youth.Presenting the award Was Helen Pearce, Chairperson Of Youth Education for Branch 11


Remembrance Contest

Poster and Literary Competition Awards Presentation

Saturday, Jan 07, 2012

Veterans and the students that received their awards for Remembrance Contest (Poster and Literary Competition)

Branch executives, guests including District Commander – Peter Ganny and Deputy District Commander – Jay Burford and the veterans.


November 11th attended with Bernie Haden at Secord Elementary School to be a part of their Remembrance Day Ceremony. Normally just an announcement is made over their PA System. This time however Gail Kinley e-mailed me requesting (if possible) a Veteran to attend, as they wanted to have full assembly participation. I contacted Living History Chair (Korean Veteran) John Vassair (Br. 258) to explain my predicament as all Veterans were committed elsewhere, without hesitation he said ask Bernie Haden and boy was he right on! Bernie shared a very personal story of losing an older brother (age 21) when he was only 3 in WWII and why he wears a Poppy. It really made an impact on this very young student assembly (grades 1 to 5), along with the teachers & parents and he was thanked by many adults and students afterwards. Bernie was recognized in a store a few days later by a woman and thanked again. Our Sgt-at-Arms James Smith gave his blessing for me to borrow our Canadian Flag & Stand. To the sounds of a bagpipe, with a very handsome shy 10 yr old boy carrying the colour, we were piped in and out of the gym, and who, stood beside us throughout the ceremony. Neither Bernie nor I could believe it was a first time attempt, as it was so well organized and the students did such an excellent job.

November 14th attended Crescent Town Elementary School with June Smith and WWII Veteran Joe Gagne. Both June and Joe did an excellent job interacting with the young students. There were 2 sessions in each about 50 grades 4 and 5. All the grade 5 students remembered June and Joe from Legion Week. Afterwards we had lunch compliments of Teacher/Librarian Phyllis Somers. At which time had a chance to meet and speak with author Linda Granfield and a couple of other teachers. It was a very rewarding day. With June’s reciting a very special Poppy poem there was not a dry eye there. Joe mesmerized all the youngsters with his personal experience during WWII.  Well done and thank you June& Joe!

November 26th The Remembrance Contest judging took place. Thanks to the 5 Judges who jumped in at the very last moment when I was left stranded at short notice due to the Law Students unavailability. They are: Jill Grief (FMC co-worker and also a Poppy Volunteer, plus now selling Basket of Cheer Tickets for Br. 11), her husband Robert Magyar, Ed Rudy (Br. 258) and Gay & Jim Fowler (Br. 322). Also, special thanks to Elsie Higgins for assisting me and taking care of the lunch for everyone, my Gord for taking the pictures below. Thanks to Robyn for organizing and sending up all the necessary items needed, including coffee, pop, juice and keeping tabs for me re: inventory. Lastly but definitely not least thanks to Rehana Ali, a former Br. 11 student who assists imputing the students’ Certificate information into my laptop. She has completed the information for the winning students. She will continue to input the information for all the remaining students for their Certificates of Participation. Rehana will complete gr. 12 this year and plans to take Engineering at University. Over the next little while, you will see Rehana coming to the Branch to help me out.  Rehana also indicated she would like to continue to help even after she starts University.  Please take the time to say hi to this lovely young Lady when you see her at the Branch.

Helen D. Pearce

Youth Education Chair



Legion Week 17th to 24th – Youth Ed Combo

We were delighted to have such a well attended Opening Ceremony on the 18th, which included Legion Dignitaries, three levels of politicians represented, Legion Members, Cadets and students with their parents. The six Cadets under the guidance of Sergeant-at-Arms James Smith did an excellent job of marching on the Colours – thank you James. So many people stepped forward and generously loaned and/or donated a cornucopia display of memorabilia, uniforms, rifles etc. making our Legion Week very successful. I have counted and, recounted but still come up with the figure of 411 students who passed through our display over the week. These students ranged in ages from 9 years to 16 year olds, coming from five different schools (the high school group from a school in North York). In past years we have had just under 200 students so you can see the word has spread! We had one mishap with an eager student leaning on a display case shattering the glass but Bill King came to the rescue replacing it with Plexiglas.

Do you remember that horrific rainstorm Friday afternoon? Well, that was the last afternoon for students visiting and we received 58very drenched 9 year olds and their teachers. The parenting instincts immediately surfaced in the volunteers with paper towels produced to help dry them off. Their wet clothes did not deter the youngsters who thoroughly enjoyed the displays as well as trying on the uniforms. We were all impressed with their questions to the Veterans. We also had a very delightful “Frick and Frack” duo making sure we had goodie bags ready for all the students who came out that week. Right from the set up to the take down the number of volunteers were truly awesome.

We extend our Thanks to:

Cadets and their Officers;

Veterans: Doug Smith, Joe Gagne, Joe White, John Kormann, Bill King, Pieter Zuber, Edward Goodlet (newest member visiting from Ireland), Al Armstrong, Frank Babineau, Lauraine Austin, Margaret Haliburton, Jack Aldred, Alastair Davidson, Jan de Vries, John Vassair, Bob Robertson, Jack Rhind, Jim Fowler and Myer Goobie.

Students: Amber, Natalie, Alexis and Andrew.

Helpers: Joyce and Bernie Haden, June Smith, Elsie Higgins, Gord Pearce, Jack Riddell, Bill Topham, Pam Yetman, John Norris, Corinne Miller, Sydney Baker,  Lois Forest, Marg Gagne, Victoria Anderson, Sylvia Ernest, Muriel Ganny, Vi Kelly, Joyce Renolds, Pat Collie, Joan Grey, Hetty Tyrrell, Doris Goobie, Gay Fowler, George and Dorothy Bricknell and Robyn Keeble for the coffee, making up sandwhiches for the hungry workers and supplying additional cases of water. Rocco came to the rescue several times with fix it solutions.

Thursday Evening Helpers: Cathy Cole and Judy Doucette.  I would also like to thank all the people who donated and continue to donate items to go into the gift bags made up for the students, as well as the monetary donations which certainly came in handy as we didn’t expect so many students. During the week, the helpers would fluctuate but each day there was an average of 15 helping. Without all of the volunteers, our Legion Week just would not happen.


Helen D. Pearce,

Youth Education



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