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The Provincial Winter Indoor meet will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2014 at York University. We are looking for 50 volunteers and if we could get at 1 to 2 volunteers from the 26 Branches within District “D” in advance then the remaining volunteers would be from a cadet group. More dates have been released; District “D” Outdoor meet will be on Sunday June 22, 2014. Unfortunately this date cannot be changed as York University is preparing their outdoor track for the 2015 Pan-Am games. The Provincial Summer meet will be on July 11 and 12 in Bramalea and the Dominion Command Nationals will be on August 13 through 19 in Langley, B.C.

Wishing everyone from my home to yours; may your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter & goodwill and may the year ahead be full of contentment & joy.


“The Team Ontario results who participated in the National Competition in Langley B.C.were 24 Gold, 10 Silver and 13 Bronze. From the 120 separate events denoted as 100 events on Dominion Commands results, there were 8 events that were separate and listed as Club or Para Exhibition.

I for one am very proud of these atheletes and you will note there were several who entered multiple events.

The District D Track and Field representatives will meet inOctober to discuss the Provincial Winter event at York University and willkeep you posted.”

Donna Braniff
Track and Field Chair


There are Winners and then there are Winners….

The June 23rd District D track and field meet was a hot one at York University however the temperatures did not stop the will and determination that these young athletes displayed in the total of 45 events for girls and boys, midget and youth.

It was not only the athletes that struggled in the heat it was the many legion volunteers some wearing their full uniform under the blazing sun.  What a magnificent role they played on the field that day both in presenting the medals at the winner’s podium or to ensuring that registration, lunch, results were collected from the coaches and then turned in, printed and relayed on down.  All important roles that helped the day go smoothly.  Also, many thanks to our very own James Smith who stayed the day to assist when volunteers were in short supply.

The July 5-6 Provincials at Laurentian University held in Sudbury this year was the precursor to the TEAM ONTARIO to compete at the Nationals in Langley B.C.  District D garnered some gold (18), silver (9) and bronze (9) for a total of 36.

Some of the interesting events at both Provincials & Nationals are the PENTATHLON where athletes compete in five different events and are awarded points for the best all round athlete.  The HEPTATHLON is for senior and junior women and this comprises of seven events.  And then there is theOCTATHLON which is for under 17 youth boys and under 15 boys midget and is made up of eight events.  These events are a competition against oneself and the scoring tables, with the aim to score more points than the other competitors.  It is a test of mind and body; challenging the person’s character, attitude and determination and their physical abilities.

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June 23 District D Event Qualifier:

July 5-6 Provincial Winners:

July 5-6 Breakdown of District D medals: Girls Midget: 4-Gold, 3-Silver, 2-Bronze; Girls Youth: 5-Gold, 3-Silver, 1-Bronze; Boys Midget: 4-Gold, 2-Silver, 4-Bronze; Boys Youth: 5-Gold, 1-Silver, 2-Bronze.

August 9-10-11 National Event Qualifier:

I would like to thank every athlete for participating as you are all winners and wish TEAM ONTARIO the very best in Langley.

Donna Braniff

Track and Field Chair

R.C.L. East Toronto 11, Zone D3, District D



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